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Posted By:   Pippen_Lam
Posted On:   Friday, February 14, 2003 11:24 PM

I've just tried the middlegen sample codes (the airline problem). It seems that it successfully create tables in the hypersonic DB( I can see them by typing command:ant hsqldb-gui); When i typed "ant" to fire up the middlegen, it shows up the gui of middlegen. After I clicked "Generate" and then after a while close the window, it said the build is fail and
"The task doesn't support the nested "utilobject" element."

I've tried out different version of jboss(3.0.0, 3.0.4)
Thanks for your help

Pippen Lam

Re: Middlegen Samples

Posted By:   Javed_Mandary  
Posted On:   Saturday, February 15, 2003 03:27 AM

its kind of obvious that the problem is with xdoclet and ant. Try using ant1.5.1 (don't use ant1.5) most of the time its because of incompatibility between old versions of the software that you get these types of errors.
Be careful with middlegen it is good for newbies but it is still unstable when struts/jsp pages and CMR relationships are concerned.Middlegen is good only when you have to generate the CMP entities.
Have a look at http://xpetstore.sourceforge.net for a good example of how to build an J2EE app.
Javed http://www.baadaal.tk
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