Oracle Thin driver hangs while retrieving large result
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Posted By:   ASHOK_Chawla
Posted On:   Friday, February 14, 2003 04:05 AM

Hi ,

I am using Oracle Thin driver Statement to query a database which contains 400K records. The query I am issuing would return 100K records (each record just having name (150 characters)).

executeQuery()is lot of time ,I waited almost for 2 hours but it never came out.

Can anybody explain why it is happening ?

Ashok CHawla

Re: Oracle Thin driver hangs while retrieving large result

Posted By:   Kaustubh_Patil  
Posted On:   Wednesday, February 26, 2003 08:29 PM

Have you tried executing the query from the SQL Plus prompt.
See if it works.
If it does then do one thing, put the execution of query in Java and the statements in the java code that reterive the results in a try catch block that catches a generic exception (Exception).

It had happened to me once that I was just catching the SQLException in the catch block and runtime exception was thrown from the block and the program used to hang. I could never guess why.

See if this helps..

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