Comparing Development Environments and Methodologies
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Posted By:   Rishi_Chopra
Posted On:   Saturday, February 1, 2003 02:29 PM

What I'd like to know is, how do the newest verisons of WebSphere Studio and JBuilder compare? Does anyone amongst the jGuru community have experience using both, either in an enterprise setting or for personal development? Can anyone compare and contrast their features and ease-of-use?

Also, how does using such an IDE compare with something simpler, like a custom development environment and process centering around a text editor, like jEdit or Emacs, augmented by Ant and JUnit (and utilizing frameworks where appropriate)?

Re: Comparing Development Environments and Methodologies

Posted By:   Brackish_Water  
Posted On:   Thursday, February 6, 2003 07:34 AM

they cannot really be compared, but to some extent

JBuilder is agnostic, works well with other apps and environments

WebSphere, and IBM in general, ONLY works with other IBM related products. They claim to integrate and now have an open framework, but it's all propaganda. So if you're an IBM shop, use WebSphere, if you're a MS shop, use that, if you embrace open technologies, or work in heterogeneous environment, use JBuilder
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