how to use CVS control version ..?????
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Posted By:   fresh_guy
Posted On:   Thursday, January 30, 2003 08:34 PM


Can any body throw some idea of how to use
CVS control versions. Is it comes with both
server and client.?? if so, how do i know
which is the server and which one client ??


Re: how to use CVS control version ..?????

Posted By:   Lasse_Koskela  
Posted On:   Friday, January 31, 2003 02:20 AM

First of all, you shouldn't post a question related to a configuration management system on an RMI forum...

As to your question about "CVS control versions" (did you mean version control), check out the official "Cederqvist manual" at

CVS comes with both a server and some command-line utilities, which can be considered a "client". If you prefer a graphical user interface, the Web is full of CVS GUIs (for Windows, one of the most popular is probably WinCVS).

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