(Newbie)..Where do I place my JSP in Tomcat 4.1.18?
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Posted By:   ramesh_babu
Posted On:   Thursday, January 16, 2003 10:40 PM

I am Newbie to JSP and Tomcat.
THe book I am reading says
Write a jsp code and save it into C:Tomcat41webappsmyJSPsHour2xxx.jsp and call from the browser by giving http://localhost:8080/myJSPs/Hour2/xxx.jsp. It should give the result...but it fails....it is not loading xxx.jsp.
content of xxx.jsp

My question is where do I place this JSP. Is there any thing like registering the JSp...etc

Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions


Re: (Newbie)..Where do I place my JSP in Tomcat 4.1.18?

Posted By:   vinay_salehithal  
Posted On:   Friday, January 17, 2003 06:34 AM

If you just want to test a jsp, u cd place it under

webappsexamples dir, and then access it as:

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