How to implement a session under J2EE from a Swing Remote client ??
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Posted By:   korfut_korfut
Posted On:   Monday, January 6, 2003 09:33 AM

Hi, i have to build a J2EE application where users need to be authenticated, the username/pwd are stored in DB. The application has to work remotely, so i am building a GUI with Swing. What i would like to do is an implementation like Browser <->Web server, I don't want to send for each method invocation the UserProfile as one of the parameter (i have to know if the user is logged id or is somebody not authorized), so i tought there has to be a way like all the browser do, the server always reconize the browser (i'll associate a session to a user profile) , even if it is behind a Firewall (another issue),
Has anybody any idea of how to do something like that?
Thank you very much.

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