Insert javascript in a servlet
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Posted By:   Aitziber_Zubi
Posted On:   Monday, October 28, 2002 01:42 AM

I have a form in a jsp that call another jsp and the last jsp call a servlet what I would like to know is what could I reload the first jsp from the servlet with all the updates done.

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Re: Insert javascript in a servlet

Posted By:   Nitesh_Naveen  
Posted On:   Monday, October 28, 2002 09:40 AM

Please explain the scenario in a bit more detail... It is not very easy to understand it from your question. Let me put the way i understood it.. You have a JSP with soem form element. This is submitted to a JSP, which calls(??? or does it forwards the request) a servlet to do the database update. Now you want to redirect to the form jsp, like and edit page, with the data.

If this is the case then you have to build the first JSP as a edit page rather than an empty form element page. It has to check for the data from the database/request, which if exists is displayed in the respective fields or leaves them empty. Use ternary operator to assign the values of each field like
(syntax as in JSP)

If this is not the requirement, please specify the actual requirement clearly.
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