JNI_CreateJavaVM() hang on hpux, called from shared object library
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Posted By:   Johann_Niederer
Posted On:   Thursday, October 17, 2002 12:51 AM

We would like to call Java methods from c++. Therefore we use JNI. The application should run on solaris, windows, aix and hp/ux. It works on windows so far, on hp/ux we have following situation:
JNI_CreateJavaVM() does not return. The "-verbose:jni" option shows, that the last message we get back is:
"[Dynamic-linking native method java/security/AccessController.doPrivileged ... ".
We call JNI_CreateJavaVM() from a shared object library. When calling it from the main() function, it works and returns with returncode 0.
We would very appreciate any help.
Thanks, Johann

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