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Posted By:   Willard_Kurisa
Posted On:   Friday, October 4, 2002 04:23 AM

I am thinking about building a search engine/portal for GSM cell phones. Some one should be able to access their phone directory for phone numbers,persons names and address/ they should be able to search for a particuler product to buy and in tern receive the price list and the location etc. Is this fisible and how would i design the whole infrastracture for business purposes? Could you please give me or point me to ideas and maybe examples.

Re: Search engine for J2ME (Cell phones)

Posted By:   Lasse_Koskela  
Posted On:   Friday, October 4, 2002 06:19 AM

Well. This is just another web application with database functionality -- except for that you need an SMS/WAP interface for communicating with the server.

Most importantly, you need some kind of method for securing the purchase process. SSL is an option (for WAP), application level security is another.

Then, if not using WAP, you need to agree with different mobile operators about sending SMS messages downstream (server->terminal) because not all of them give you the actual phone number of the terminal in use.

It is feasible (I am working on a global solution in this field right now), but requires a hell of a lot work to produce a well-designed, well-performing system (depending on the requirements, of course).

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