Problem in loading applets when i use JRE 1.4
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Posted By:   Amit_Saini
Posted On:   Thursday, October 3, 2002 07:38 AM

I m using JRE 1.4 and i m not getting anything on the browser even the status bar is saying the applet is loaded completely even if this is not showing anything.And on java console i m getting this msg

"Netscape security model is no longer supported.
Please migrate to the Java 2 security model instead."

my applet is inside a jar file.

Help me out

Amit Saini

Re: Problem in loading applets when i use JRE 1.4

Posted By:   jared_spigner  
Posted On:   Monday, October 21, 2002 10:19 PM

I am guessing your problem has to do with the change in security managers and your program is attempting to do something outside teh "sandbox". I would resign the jar with the 1.4 jarsigner.
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