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Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:51 AM


What's New in this Release?

Aspose development team is excited to announce the release of Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.3.0. This new release includes fixes for issues reported in earlier versions. One of the areas where fixes have been introduced is text file to PDF conversion using TextBuilder. With this new release, you can convert text files to PDF format with the new Document Object Model com.aspose.pdf package. The PDF to image conversion feature is greatly improved. Starting with this release, the PdfConverter class provides great stability for PDF to image conversion and caters for many complex scenarios. So now you can convert any PDF document to image format with great fidelity. We also know that on the Android platform, standard font files like Arial.TTF are inaccessible. Therefore some standard fonts like Helvetica are incorrectly displayed in files created on Android. To resolve this problem, TTF fonts for standard fonts (Arial, Times New Roman etc.) are packed and loaded. Some important features included in this new release are listed below

·          TEXT to PDF conversion issue is resolved - using textbuilder

·          PdfConverter produces corrupted output

·          Incorrectly PDF File conversion is now corrected

·          Incorrect text position in converted file is now corrected

·          TrueType fonts are inaccessible for standard fonts are fixed

·          Null reference exception is resolved in PdfConverter

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Pdf for Android documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Pdf for performing different tasks like the followings

- Extract Images from PDF file: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/pdfandroid/Extract+Images+from+PDF+file


  - Replace Text in pages of PDF Document: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/pdfandroid/Replace+Text+in+pages+of+PDF+Document

Overview: Aspose.Pdf for Android

Aspose.Pdf for Android is a PDF document creation & manipulation component that enables Android applications to read, write & manipulate PDF document without using any other third party application. It allows PDF compression options, table creation & manipulation, support for graph objects, extended security controls, custom font handling, add or remove bookmarks, create table of contents, add, update, delete attachments & annotations, import or export PDF form data, print PDF docs &   much more.

More about Aspose.Pdf for Android

-Homepage of Aspose.Pdf for Android : http://www.aspose.com/android/pdf-component.aspx  

- Download Aspose.Pdf for Android : http://www.aspose.com/community/files/74/android-components/aspose.pdf-for-android/default.aspx

Contact Information

Aspose Pty Ltd

Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road

Lane Cove, NSW, 2066




Phone: 888.277.6734

Fax: 866.810.9465

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