Confusion: OCPJP 7 or OCPJP 8, Which one I want to go for?
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Confusion: OCPJP 7 or OCPJP 8, Which one I want to...
Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:43 PM

"Hey guys, once again I welcomes you all to my thread.  "

Now a days so many of new comers have the doubt, Can i go for the certification OCPJP 7 or wait till OCPJP 8 release. What I am going to say is, still there is no official news released by Oracle about OCPJP 8 certification. So you guys don't worry about it and don't waste your priceless time for the new certification announcements , you can go for OCPJP 6 or 7 which one you want. Because if you are waiting for OCPJP 8 then you need to wait for a long time. Why I am saying this means after Oracle officially announce OCPJP 8 then the beta exam will be conducted by Oracle after beta exam finish the result for the beta exam comes 11 weeks later. After these long days waiting only you guys can go for the actual exam.
In this time, you can finish OCPJP 6 or 7 and then proceed to next level like Web Component or Web service or any other certifications. So guys don't look at the version number as per you preparation go for your exams. If you need to update your certification to current version after releasing OCPJP 8 you can upgrade your certification.
Nice to talk with you all guys, Good luck for your exam preparation and your colorful future.

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