Conversion of xml file with simple functions
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Posted By:   yaman02
Posted On:   Wednesday, January 8, 2014 06:10 AM


I have to apply some basic functions on the xml data. E.g For the given below xml

			<Report>      <Person>          <Name>Damien</Name>          <Age>32</Age>          <Hobby>Dancing</Hobby>      </Person>      <Person>          <Name>Peter</Name>          <Age>27</Age>          <Hobby>Clubbing</Hobby>      </Person>  </Report>

I have to convert it as:

			<Report>     <Data>      <Result>Damien-32-Dancing</Result>   </Data>    <Data>      <Result>Peter-27-Clubbing</Result>    </Data>  </Report>

Can you help with some simple drag and drop functionality, which will let me concat the fields and send it to the resultant field. Please let me know.

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