looping through unordered lists to get data to send to a sql server 2008 database
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looping through unordered lists to get data to sen...
Fri Dec 13, 2013 08:41 AM

I am suck on how to get data out of an unordered list and into my database. I have a jsp page that is an electronic version of a paper door order form. The client fills out the form with their info at the top then they fill in all the info for a door that they want. They add the door to the form (this is generated dynamically as an unordered list with jquery). They can add multiple doors to the form in this way. Once they are done they click a submit button that calls a jsp page with the sql insert logic. I have a separate insert for the base customer info which goes into a doorRequest table. Each door on the form needs to be inserted into a door table with a foreign key to the doorRequest table. Can someone help me get the door unordered lists into the database?

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