(For beginners) Learn the Difference between java and javascript
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(For beginners) Learn the Difference between java ...
Thu Nov 07, 2013 05:54 AM

If you’re a computer user, you might have heard about Java and JavaScript. While most of the people assume that there is no difference between Java and JavaScript, in reality they are totally different from each other. Many beginner programmers often get confused and mix up both Java & JavaScript. However, it is important to note the evolution of both of these languages took a totally different path. Are you reading this article to get your doubt clear? If yes, it is time to compare both of these languages and know what exactly makes these two similar looking languages differ from each other.

One of the key differences between both of these languages is that Java is a programming language, which is based on the C language. It derives most of its syntax from C and C++ language. Java can stand on its own while JavaScript must be used in consort with the  HTML  (Hyper Text Markup) document to function appropriately.

Java was created first before JavaScript, which means Java was an inspiration behind the creation of JavaScript.

JavaScript :
On the other hand, JavaScript is nothing but an interpreted programming language; it is a scripting language that is dynamic and weakly typed with a whole host of first class functions. It is created by Netscape and it can’t create stand alone applications like Java, but resides on the internet browser. Most of the modern web browsers have inbuilt JavaScript. However, it is important to note that JavaScript based web pages can run only when you’ve JavaScript enabled within your web browser.

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