Starting Corba based java process using JNI
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Starting Corba based java process using JNI ...
Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:55 AM


I am writing a Corba client to connect to the Corba server. So, here is what is happneing:

1, I wrote a Java code to make all the Corba calls
2. Then did a C code which uses JNI to start the JVM which then starts the Java prococess. So, the C code interacts with the java via JVM
3. Here i see the corba object creations and corba takes longer time

Now if i just hard code everything that is required to be done by C code in Java process and execute via command line then the object creation and the corba calls are a lot faster here. You can say around 400% faster

I am umable to understand as what is changed between the 2

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