Proposal to review a book on Mastering on Apache Solr
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Proposal to review a book on Mastering on Apache S...
Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:03 AM

I am James and I work as a Project Manager with Inkstall Publishing. We specialize in publishing niche market books in specialized topic areas for IT Managers, Technicians and working professionals.

As technical experts in your respective areas, we invite you to review a book for us. Our authors have put in their hard work writing chapter for selected topics.
Currently we are working on Mastering on Apache Solr related topic. It would be a pleasure for us to have you on board as reviewers and have your expert comments on these chapters.

Also, you can recommend us your colleagues who are open to such ideas and we would get in touch with them.
I would like to hear your views on this proposal and would be more than happy to further answer your questions. 

Please mail me at contact@inkstall.com
Visit us at- www.inkstall.com

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