j2me(client) -j2se(server) wireless connection issue
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j2me(client) -j2se(server) wireless connection iss...
Sat Jan 12, 2013 06:09 AM

hi all.. i m very new to j2me..and for my final yr project ..
I am trying to use mobile phones as clients and lap as
a server..So i am writing a j2me code to create java app. So its
basically j2se(Netbeans) - j2me socket communication.A simple hello
world communication btw them works perfectly in a simulator!!..but
when i try to deploy it in mob...its not working...i tried creating
adhoc network(win 7)  btw mob and lap..but its not communicating..then i tried
with a s/w Virtual Router..When i used it..it communicated ..but the
s/w crashed after its first use..so i m not able to proceed..my whole
project relies on this communication..if it works i have to proceed to
file and image transferring using sockets..So pl let me know where i m
going wrong..or i need to change anything..Pl help..

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