Sort Worksheet Data in Ascending or Descending Order Using REST APIs
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Sort Worksheet Data in Ascending or Descending Ord...
Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:03 PM

 What’s new in this release?

The latest version of Saaspose.Cells includes a remarkable feature for sorting worksheet data using Saaspose.Cells REST API. Using Saaspose.Cells, you can sort worksheet data in the cloud. This REST API allows you to sort the data of single or multiple columns in a single worksheet. You can choose to sort worksheet data in ascending or descending order as per your requirements. Saaspose.Cells makes data sorting a simple and hassle-free task and performs the function in a well-organized manner. It supports to ascend column data or descend column data of a worksheet in no time. This feature can be used in your application using any language of your choice and across any platform. You can utilize our SDK and REST examples to sort worksheet data in the cloud. It requires a simple step, download the required SDK from Github.com and incorporate the useful features into your application or more details, please refer to Saaspose.Cells documentation. Saaspose.Cells is a platform independent API and you can integrate it with other file format APIs to use a variety of features for your applications in the cloud. We offer a free development account for evaluation of the document properties features. You can sign up at Saaspose and get started with the feature rich APIs in no time. Feel free to write to us in case of any queries or feedback regarding Saaspose APIs.

Read more here: http://saaspose.com/blog/saaspose-cells/archive/2013/01/03/sort-worksheet-data-using-saaspose-cells-rest-api.html

Overview: Saaspose.Cells

Saaspose.Cells is a REST based API for processing spreadsheets in the cloud. It allows creating, manipulating and converting spreadsheets in your web, desktop, mobile and cloud applications. It supports rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, hyperlinks, comments, formulas & many other aspects of spreadsheet. It can be used with any language to incorporate the spreadsheet processing features in any type of business application. It is a platform independent API & can be used with any language.

More about Saaspose.Cells

- Homepage of Saaspose.Cells:  http://saaspose.com/api/cells  

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