Multiple webapps in the Apache tomcat container crashes Java
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Multiple webapps in the Apache tomcat container cr...
Sat Dec 29, 2012 02:42 AM


I am a newbee to Java and CentOS. I have install JDK 1.7 and JRE 1.7 on my CentOS machine. Extracted the apache.tar.gz 7.0.29 and also have a startup script. I deployed my 1st webapp named Meshcms and droped the .war file in the webapps folder. Auto-deploy being turned OFF, I restarted tomcat and the .war was deployed. The installation works well on the browser.

However, I installed Jenkins and Apache Tomcat crashed. I can no more access Java apps from the browser. I want to know if I can install multiple webapps in the same tomcat container ? or do I have to install each webapp in a whole different container ?

Suggestion ? Thanks in advance

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