How to use If action in Ant
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How to use If action in Ant...
Thu Dec 06, 2012 07:08 AM

Hello World,
I want to use the replace action on some conditions, I am not able to do the conditioning part.
Kindly help me in this. I do not want to use Ant Contrib for this.
I want something like this -
<if environment-type="Dev">
<replace file="${dir.src}/log4j.xml" token="@@@" value="DEBUG"/>
<if environment-type="QA">
<replace file="${dir.src}/log4j.xml" token="@@@" value="INFO"/>
<if environment-type="Prod">
<replace file="${dir.src}/log4j.xml" token="@@@" value="WARN"/>

Thanks a lot in advance.
Sachin Dare.

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