HttpSession issue in distributed environment
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HttpSession issue in distributed environment...
Fri Nov 02, 2012 05:24 AM



We are using session in our application. User details are saved into that session as a comma separated string in jsp.


It worked fine. Now the user load increased hence we are facing lot of issues. Below are the issues:


1)       Suddenly user details becomes null within 5 min

2)       Sessionid for one user is used by a different user.


Below is the corresponding log

<LogEntry host="cgappp33" time="2012-09-27T12:45:59-05:00" sessionID=" qitdGx26-YeyiyiQRQMW6Ds " location="index.jsp" thread="WebContainer : 4" level="INFO"><LogMessage><![CDATA[fname-- L ]]></LogMessage></LogEntry>

<LogEntry host="cgappp33" time="2012-09-27T12:45:59-05:00" sessionID="qitdGx26-YeyiyiQRQMW6Ds" location="index.jsp" thread="WebContainer : 4" level="INFO"><LogMessage><![CDATA[lname--RODGERS]]></LogMessage></LogEntry>

<LogEntry host="cgappp33" time="2012-09-27T12:50:15-05:00" sessionID="qitdGx26-YeyiyiQRQMW6Ds" location="BinLocationAssignAction" thread="WebContainer : 4" level="INFO"><LogMessage><![CDATA[Method: changeAssignedBinLocation, invoked by agent: Name: flightNumber:668 fltdate:09/27/2012 Origin:DFW]]></LogMessage></LogEntry>


<LogEntry host="cgappp33" time="2012-09-27T12:46:50-05:00" sessionID=" qitdGx26-YeyiyiQRQMW6Ds " location="BinLocationAssignAction" thread="WebContainer : 4" level="INFO"><LogMessage><![CDATA[Method: getInitialScreen, invoked by agent:00642036 Name: VINCENZA BUGGEMI ]]></LogMessage></LogEntry>


Please suggest some solution for this problem.



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