Include ant modified selector base on condition
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Include ant modified selector base on condition...
Wed Oct 31, 2012 08:20 AM

I am modifying my exiting ant script to support differential builds. For that I have used modified selector in fileset for finding only modified files. But the problem is when I am doing full build I need to bypass modified filter based on some property or param. As shown below. Is there anyway to do that.

<project name = "test" default = "dt" basedir = "." > <target name = "dt1" > <copy todir = "ant_temp2" > <fileset dir = "ant_temp1" > <if> <equals arg1 = "${ABC}" arg2 = "true" /> <then> <modified update = "true" /> </then> </if> <exclude name = "*.txt" /> </fileset> </copy> </target> <target name = "dt" > <antcall target = "dt1" > <param name = "ABC" value = "true" /> </antcall> </target> <target name = "dt2" > <antcall target = "dt1" /> </target> </project>
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