Problems with JSF Primefaces Tree Node
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Problems with JSF Primefaces Tree Node...
Wed Sep 12, 2012 04:59 AM





Hi, I am using JSF and Primefaces,
I am having a page with 3 panels. I am trying to update center panel, by means of a Tree Node. 
I am getting the path of the page for the center panel from data base by means of my Tree Managed Bean.
I am getting the page.. But after that none of the functionalities of the page is working.

Because of this I am now repainting the entire screen based on users selection from tree node and making the tree node available on each screen. But now when the screen comes the tree node is displayed  twice.

Sample code:


<p:tree  id="treeSingle"  dynamic="true"  value="#{treeBean.root}" selection="#{treeBean.selectNode()}">
<c:forEach  var="nodeitems"  items="$(treeBean.node)">
<h:outputText value="#(singleNode)">
<p:ajax event="select" update=":form1:centerPanel" listener="#{treeBean.show()}">

<p:layoutUnit position="center" id="centerPanel">

<h: panelGroup>
<ui:include src="${treeBean.linkValue}".xhtml>



public void show(){
linkValue=pagesList.get(0).getPagePath();                           //This will be "/Login/createRole.xhtml"
path="http://localhost:8080/MPCS-war/faces"+linkValue;   // This path I am repainting in my screen

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