Can anybody with digital certificate sign a midlet
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Can anybody with digital certificate sign a midlet...
Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:35 AM

I have purchased one 3G mobile made in China which is Java enabled for mere US $ 33 and works well. I need one Java midlet to measure radioactivity. There are many android apps for this. But no true geiger counter app in J2me.  I developed the app which requires permission to take snapshot. In fact I need to to snapshot  every 250 milliseconds with camera lens covered with black tape ( So that light can not reach the camera but if radioactive sample is kept in front beta and gammma rays will penetrate and reach camera sensors which will give some vaue of  RGB  Instead of saving snapshots, my midlet saves imagein raw format and just take some of RGB values. If in one minute 240 snapshots are taken av. value of RGB given by the program will have some co-relation with total accumulated dose which can be measured using real geiger counters.  When you know the relation, progam can show accumulaed dose in mSv/hr. 
To my dismay,  prgram require permission to take snapshot. So, I need to sign the midlet. Cost of getting digital certificate from verisign or thwate is about 50 US $ p per annum ? I can purchase mobile with android O.S. for mere 54 US $ just one time. There are already free apps for measuring radioavivity.  I can certainly develop one in android which can be self signed.
Yes, I have confirmed it that self signed apps works on android.
If any body having digital certificate is ready to sign the midlet in his name I shall send him full source code,. He can then compile it himself, sign it and send me the signed midlet or upload the app on some server for free download by anybody I shall be highly oblized. Then I need not purchase android phone immediately.
Thanking you.

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