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Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:25 AM

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 Hadoop Online Training...

Wed Jul 10, 2013 03:15 AM

Hi All,

Intellipaat is Starting new Batches from 12th july 2013  on the following Technology.

1.    Hadoop Developer

2.    Hadoop Admin

3.    Hadoop QA

4.    Hadoop DW         

5.    Cassandra

6.    MongoDB

7.    Mahout

8.    Scala

9.    Hbase

10.  Java with MapReduce

Interested candidates please drop an email for registration at sales@intellipaat.com or give us a call.


Sales Intellipaat Team

Mob: 91-9019368913

Visit us at www.intellipaat.com.          

Online and Corporate Training  By Intellipaat
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