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Help on Ant replace task...
Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:15 PM

I need a help on a ant task.

I am trying to use the replace task of ant as follows.

<target name="substitute.values">
    <replace replacefilterfile="./rd2.process.replace.properties" summary="YES"  dir="./code/SCMInterfaces"/>

The from and to replace are driven by property file. The information in the property file is as follows


Few files inside the directory carry the below value.

Now I want these values to be changed to /apps/ecl/coe/dat/sap/po

But what I am seeing is they are changed to  /apps/opt/scmfs/rq0/scm/adapters/FTP/SAP_COEP_POSTO_SFTP_SVC/write and not to /apps/ecl/coe/dat/sap/po

Any information will help.

Thanks and Regards
Sudhagar C
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