Include jsp from different context.
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Include jsp from different context....
Mon May 21, 2012 08:10 AM

I have a commercial application I need to customize for our specific needs.  This involves modifying the JSPs and creating servlets.  In the past we just created copies of existing JSP and modified them however whenever we install fixes or new version are customizations would get overwritten and have to be reapplied.  I came up with the idea of create a spate area on the server that would run the customized code but I don't how to allow the customize portion to refer to original app when no customized code needs to run.  I have read both that is and isn't possible to forward requests to JSP and servlets in other contexts.  I need to know if it is possible to share resource across application in different contexts. How do I modify the context path so it will include JSPs that are in different directory on the same server?  We are a Websphere shop.

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