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Servlet request time out error...
Sat May 12, 2012 05:51 AM

Hy all

our development  environment is:Struts2.0,JSp,Servlet,HTML,JQUERY,

I have one issue regarding the request time out in one of our action handler method.

Scenario of the issue is below:

Following strut's action handler

public String processDataAndReturn() throws Exception

Process1() --in this process we calling server code for perform the some security process on the large data [approx. more than 100mb size data]
//Here Process1 Process on the large data and it is return resulted data...then we pass this resulted data to the Process2() for further processing
//one more point we can not improve the Process1() speed...it is up to date.

//Here the process1() take approx. 4 minute for request processing, that's why we get the request timeout error in the browser.

Servlet request is time out but the following process is still going on,due to the request time out error ,user can not get the file for download.
Process2()---this process write that data to the file, and then we give that file to user .

return success

Above issue is not  occurs when the data is not larger.It is working perfect for the small size data.
And for the solution we can not skip the process1() in any case.We get the above issue with more than 100mb size file process.

How can i solve the above issue?Is there any other development strategy to resolve the above issue?
any input will be appreciated for the issue.

Thanks in advance
Yatin Baraiya

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