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I need to design a database in which the columns have to be assigned dynamically whenever a user defines a new attribute. Is it possible to have a flexible database column design using XML, and an Oracle/SQL Server? How?

Are there toolkits that automatically generate service proxy code from a WSDL service description?

Can i mix SOAP, SSL and digital signatures? Where can i read up about how to do it?

What are the namespaces that are usually used in SOAP messages? Where can i get more information about them?

I'm just getting started with SOAP. Where can I find tutorials on SOAP programming?

How can i debug SOAP traffic?

What is SUN doing in the area of SOAP and Web Services?

Has Microsoft bundled support for a SOAP Client with Windows XP?

Do i have to use SOAP to tunnel through firewalls? Are there any alternatives?

Are there tools to look at the SOAP messages between my client and the server?

Where can i find sample code for a simple, general purpose SOAP client in Java that uses no specialized SOAP libraries?

How do i o digitally sign and encrypt my SOAP messages?

Can i use SOAP to expose my EJB objects?

Is there a Chapter/Book available on-line that deals with SOAP?

Am cooking up my own SOAP implementation. What steps should i take to ensure interoperability with other Toolkits?

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