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My Java based SOAP Service needs to external connections in the internet but it is behind a proxy server (on an intranet). How do I tunnel through the firewall?

What is UDDI?

Where can i find a sample SOAP client using Apache SOAP for Java?

Is it possible to use XSLT to remove elements with duplicate values from an XML file?

What is the relationship between the Sun Projet X library and JAXP? Is there any other library aside from Project X which allows regestering my own classes which are created when certain XML elements are encountered (like factory.addMapping (props, classloader) in Project X)?

Is there a Developers Guide to implementing Web Services with J2EE?

What is JAX Pack? What does it contain?

What are Web Services? What are the Web Services Standards?

Are there tools to test SOAP-based Web Services?

Does tomcat support Web Services?

How to make Tomcat use the Xerces XML parser instead of the Sun JAXP XML parser?

Is there any ready made parser avaialble to parse HTML or to convert HTML to XML or XHTML ? Basically I want to extract data from HTML.

What is VoiceXML? How does it relate to J2ME?

I am trying to generate an XML file using the JAXP API. From a Java application it works correctly but when used in a JSP it gives a SAXException. I am running JSP page on the Java Web Server. Why is this happening?

By using XSLT transformation technique how do I map an XML file to another XML file?

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