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I am in a project in which I want to display the data fetched from a data base. I use a java bean to get the data and pass it to a JSP. From that I want to make use of XML technology to print the data to the user browser. I am using an XSL file. After getting the data from the data base how can I manage that into an XML file? Do I have to create an XML file dynamically? If so should I have to store it on the disk? And how can I bind an XML file to a XSL file? I want to change the style sheet (XSL) each time.

I have code in which I'm using XLinks. I'm not getting any error but the XLink is not working. I am using IE5. What is the reason for this?

I am generating an XML file dynamically from a Java program and I want the same to display to the browser with the help of XSL file. I want to select the XSL file dynamically. How can I do that?

I am generating XML and using XSL I am able to display it on the IE5 browser. But not all browsers support XML & XSL. So I would like to convert that XML and XSL to HTML in order to display it on all browsers. Is this possible? How?

How do I write and deploy a simple hello world program that uses XML and can be seen in a browser. What is the required software to start working with XML?

What is RSS (Rich Site Summary)?

I am currently using an XSLT processor to render XML (into HTML) generated from an EJB. However I also want some of my HTML to include HTML forms (input boxes, selection boxes etc). Does anyone have any examples where they are doing something similar?? How do you handle the POSTs and GETs??

What is WML?

Can I design a form which consists of textboxes, submit button, reset button, dropdown list using XML?

Has anyone parsed an XML dtd to create a DOM object? I don't know if that is possible or not, if it isn't how could I get an object containing all the attributes allowed for a given element?

After generating an XML file dynamically from a Java program I want the generated file to be displayed on the client's browser. How can I do that?

How can I map data from a DB2 UDB for AS/400 into an XML document and the associated DTD ?

I am attempting to use the XML parser provided by sun jaxp1.0. When I try to get an instance of DocumentBuilderFactory using the static method newInstance(), it throws a FactoryConfigurationError exception at runtime. How can i do to overcome this?

What are XML namespaces? Please include some examples.

How do you print the contents of an XML document using the DOM, i.e. using the org.w3c.dom.* interfaces?

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