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If a text containing special character such as control key characters, how that character can be bypassed while parsing.

How Xalan and Xerces pronounced?

How can we use MSXML parser from a JSP in order to transform XML file using a stylesheet without having to use Javascript for the same?

I want to use Xerces1.3 to validate a DOM using a DTD. The syntax is: parser.setFeature("http://xml.org/sax/features/validation", true); It seems I have to have access to internet.But how about if I can't get access to internet? Is there any parser can do validation without having access to internet?

Can XSL XSLT be used with SAX?

After setting a variable using the <xsl:variable> tag, how can I change the value of that variable somewhere else in the xsl document?

I'm looking for a DOM-style XML parser that doesn't load the entire document. Rather, it would let you get an element, then iterate over the element's children, presenting each child as a DOM node but only loading one child at a time (to conserve memory when there's a large number of children. Where I can get such a parser?

Where can I find source code examples or tutorials relating to JAXP 1.1?

I am designing a database to store XML elements and attributes.

Can I use a Generic SAX/DOM XML parser for Tomcat instead of parser.jar? I tried using Xerces and get class not found errors for sun.xxxx parser during Tomcat initialization.

I want a servlet generated XML document to be displayed in an applet. But when I am using the HandlerBase class of org.xml.sax package in the applet it throws a ClassNotFoundException even after importing the proper packages. This happens only in the browser, in the applet viewer the applet displays the parsed XML. How do I solve the problem?

Xerces implementation of a Node is a Serializable Implementation

Can we make a generalised schema file by which we can validate only the hierarchy of the target XML file, not the tag names in that XML file?

I want to display the value of name by using the static attribute. In other words, I want the value of static to be the element that is displayed. Is it possible?

Where can I get information and sample code for using JAXP and JAXM?

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