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What Is SAAJ?

What Features Are in JAX-WS 2.0?

How to represent an element with either decimal or empty contents in schema? Can enumeration be empty too?

How to enforce Elements has value by XSD definition.

XSDs, Attributes, and Enumeration. I've built XML schemas before, and created elements that had enumerations or attributes, but never both.

how to generate xml file with only some elements of another xml file using xsl file. I have an xml file.Now i have to write an xsl file so that,it should copy only some elements of the input xml file. please help me.this is urgent

Writing a SAX parser that validates external schemas.

Xpath & namespaces, How to use namespace in xpath?

What is WSDL?

I am trying to run this XALAN sample and I have a JSP page whicn performs transformations, I am getting this exception "javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Namespace not supported by SAXParserNamespace " Does anybody know why??

How can I pass XML generated by JSP to Cocoon for further processing?

What is the difference between XML Parsing and XML Processing?

Using a SAX parser, is there a way to include a local DTD file when parsing an XML message that doesn't contain a DOCTYPE tag?

What exactly are OASIS and ebXML? And if they are alternatives which one should be followed?

I have a set of import dependencies between XSL files and I would like to package them inside a jar file. If I refer to the main XSL through the packaging directory structure so that I can use getResourceAsStream() it fails to get the imported ones. Apparently set systemId does not work for XSL files as resources inside a Jar file. I am using XERCES/XALAN.