I get a result set from a query which has id and description, now I have to show the it in select tag some thing like this

Paul Sijpkes

Hi Ashish,

You will need to do something like this.

<html:select name="myPreselectedItemBean">
<html:options name="myCollection" property="myValue"

Notice that the select tag has a "myPreselectedItemBean" bean associated with it, this bean must be in some scope ie. session, request etc..

The same goes for the "myCollection" bean, this is a bit more complex. Took me a while to get my head around...

"myCollection" should be either be an Object extending java.util.Collection or an array of Objects. It can't be a simple type (eg. int[]).

"myCollection" should be made up of other beans, with a getMyValue() and getMyLabelProperty() method.

public class OptionItem
public OptionItem()

String myValue;
String myLabel;

public String getMyValue()
return myValue;

public void setMyValue(String myValue)
this.myValue = myValue;

public String getMyLabel()
return myLabel;

public void setMyLabel(String myLabel)
this.myLabel = myLabel;

I normally create a Vector and then populate it with these sort of beans.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Paul Sijpkes
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