What is JDBC, anyhow?

Joe Sam Shirah

JDBC is Java's means of dynamically accessing tabular data, and primarily data in relational databases, in a generic manner, normally using standard SQL statements. While most developers think of it as Java Database Connectivity, actually JDBC is the trademarked name and is not an acronym. JDBC is based on the X/Open SQL Command Level Interface ( CLI ) and the API is composed of interfaces that allow the same code to run against any data(base) that has a supporting JDBC driver. JDBC drivers, of which there are four types, are loaded at runtime and provide the implementation of the JDBC API interfaces.

If you are just beginning with JDBC, a good place to start is in the JDK documentation, which includes the JDBC(tm) Technology Guide: Getting Started, the specs and links to basic and advanced tutorials. For information regarding specific databases, see "Where can I find online documentation for database xyz?" and for general information, you are already in the right place.