I need to put my TINI Board into an enclosure. Has anyone located a source of a box (plastic package) with suitable mounting posts and cut-outs for the connectors?

Mel Beckman

Systronix (http://www.systronix.com/) has cases that include power and serial pass-through ports (for example, the serial ports have female DB9's on the outside and male DB9's on short ribbon cables going to the inside). These cases also have cutout panels for 10-key keyboards and LCD displays. They're very, very good for the money. Note that Systronics own STEP, a socket board for TINI, is too big for these cases (I've tried it). But Systronix says that the case will work with their smaller TINI socket boards, and with DalSemi socket boards.

The keyboards and LCD displays available from Systronix have SBX-bus compatible interfaces, and Systronix's boards have SBX sockets on them. They aren't directly pluggable -- i.e., you can't plug the LCD connector into the Systronix board's SBX socket -- but Systronix has adapters available, and in June they're coming out with a slick little electronics driver board that provides electrical isolation between the TINI and external SBX peripherals. This board will solve a lot of TINI peripheral driving problems. TINI is great at 1-WIRE and CAN, but its fanout for driving other TTL loads is limited and makes the board unstable.