Are there any books on Java Card?

Julien SIMON

Yes. Here are the ones we are aware of. They may be purchased from all good online bookstores, like Fatbrain or Amazon.

Java Card Technology for Smart Cards: Architecture and Programmer's Guide by Zhiqun Chen; published by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 06/2000. This is our preferred starting point for beginners. This book covers smart card basics and provides a gentle introduction to Java Card and its main features. It is quite programmer-oriented and provides many code samples, which will help you get started very quickly. However, this book is not thorough enough to serve as a reference book in the long run.

Smart Card Application Development Using Java, by Uwe Hansmann, Frank Seliger,Martin S. Nicklous; published by Springer-Verlag New York, Incorporated, 12/1999. This book provides a high-level of the Java Card environment: features, applications, the Open Card Framework, etc. Although this is a very serious book, which is definitely worth reading, we don't feel it is appropriate for beginners. It probably targets project leaders or managers who want to get a good grasp on Java Card.