What properties are supported by the Sun IMAP provider?

John Zukowski

The following is taken from the javadoc files for the com.sun.mail.imap package in JavaMail 1.2:

Name Type Description
mail.imap.user String Default user name for IMAP.
mail.imap.host String The IMAP server to connect to.
mail.imap.port int The IMAP server port to connect to, if the connect() method doesn't explicitly specify one. Defaults to 143.
mail.imap.partialfetch boolean Controls whether the IMAP partial-fetch capability should be used. Defaults to true.
mail.imap.fetchsize int Partial fetch size in bytes. Defaults to 16K.
mail.imap.connectiontimeout int Socket connection timeout value in milliseconds. Default is infinite timeout.
mail.imap.timeout int Socket I/O timeout value in milliseconds. Default is infinite timeout.
mail.imap.statuscachetimeout int Timeout value in milliseconds for cache of STATUS command response. Default is 1000 (1 second). Zero disables cache.
mail.imap.appendbuffersize int Maximum size of a message to buffer in memory when appending to an IMAP folder. If not set, or set to -1, there is no maximum and all messages are buffered. If set to 0, no messages are buffered. If set to (e.g.) 8192, messages of 8K bytes or less are buffered, larger messages are not buffered. Buffering saves cpu time at the expense of short term memory usage. If you commonly append very large messages to IMAP mailboxes you might want to set this to a moderate value (1M or less).
mail.imap.connectionpoolsize int Maximum number of available connections in the connection pool. Default is 1.
mail.imap.connectionpooltimeout int Timeout value in milliseconds for connection pool connections. Default is 45000 (45 seconds).
mail.imap.separatestoreconnection boolean Flag to indicate whether to use a dedicated store connection for store commands. Default is false.
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