"java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't happen - classname is null, who added this?" How can i avoid this error?

thomas dietrich

Hello Mahendra Goyal,

You don't know how much I'm laughing at this error. We had a run in with this error and no one on the development staff could figure it out.

He is why I'm laughing, the answer is so easy. Look for web.xml in your /WEB-INF directory, if it's not there, you have the start of your answer, make one. If it is, look for the entry setting your default documents(ie index.html, index.jsp, etc), and set it up for your default documents. That fixed it for us, the fix is to simple and the error was too cryptic. Had lots of us hitting our heads when we found out. :)

BTW, the error's tip off to the answer was that it occured when the site tried redirecting to the default index.jsp file, and when you went directly to it: http://url/index.jsp the site worked.

Hope this helps you out.


Thomas Dietrich