How do I configure the deployment descriptor to obtain an URL Connection Factory in an EJB? Are there any specific examples for Borland AppServer?

Jonathan Morrissey

For EJB's a URL connection factory is looked upon as a resource manager connection factory reference, quite a mouthful hey!. There is a nice explanation on this in the EJB1.1 spec, section 14. But briefly the specification recommends that factory references be organized in the subcontexts of the bean's environment, thus java:comp/env/url for all URL connection factories. The References are declared in the deloyment descriptor using the resource-ref elements. The resource-ref element consists of the description element; and the mandatory res-ref-name, res-type, and res-auth elements.

Here is an example DTD....
For Inprise Application Server V4.5 use the resource references panel to add this URL resource. See their EJB Programmers guide for details.
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