When should I use bean-managed transactions instead of specifying transaction information in the deployment descriptor?

Uma Sankar ramaraju

Hi Hari,

The Sun J2EE EJB Guide says like this:

Although beans with container-managed transactions require less coding, they have one limitation: When a method is executing, it can be associated with either a single transaction or no transaction at all. If this limitation will make coding your session bean difficult, you should consider using bean-managed transactions.

The following pseudo-code illustrates the kind of fine-grained control you can obtain with bean-managed transactions. By checking various conditions, the pseudo-code decides whether to start and stop different transactions within the business method.

begin transaction
update table-a
if (condition-x)
   commit transaction
else if (condition-y)
   update table-b
   commit transaction
   rollback transaction
   begin transaction
   update table-c
   commit transaction

I think what it means is there are some limitations in j2ee transaction support. In a container managed situation, nested or multiple transactions are not allowed within a method. if a biz method needs those features you need to go for bean managed transactions.

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