Every XML parser I've seen comes with the "standard" packages (such as org.w3c.dom, org.xml.sax, javax.xml.parsers etc). The unusual and weird thing is that each parser I've seen comes with a *different* version of those packages.

Subrahmanyam Allamaraju

This is because there are two sets of DOM and SAX APIs around - SAX 1 and SAX 2, and DOM Level 1 and Level 2.

  • Xerces 1.3 supports SAX 2 and DOM Level 2. So, you'll find those versions of SAX and DOM APIs.
  • JAXP 1.01 supports SAX 1 and DOM Level 1. So, you'll find the older versions of SAX and DOM APIs.
  • I'm not sure of what is includes in VAJ3.5. But it could be one of the above two.

The ones shipped with Xerces 1.3 are the latest.

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