Are there any JDBC drivers available that support using SSL to communicate between the Java program and the database server?

John Zukowski

For Oracle, the JDBC-OCI driver can use SSL with native threads, but not with green threads. The JDBC-Thin driver cannot use SSL, but can use ANO encryption instead.

JDataConnect provides a whole FAQ for their SSL support.

The IDS JDBC Driver supports SSL also.

The the Novell JDBC Driver for NDS driver uses SSL by default, and must be disabled to not use.

WebLogic / Tengah supports SSL when your protocol begins with t3s (jdbc:weblogic:t3s I guess, or just create the T3Client with a t3s URL).

Cloudscape supports SSL through a special extended URL with the RmiJdbc driver. (jdbc:cloudscape:weblogic-ssl:)

The HiT driver supports SSL communications with JDBC and DB2.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Feel free to add feedback if you know of any others.

Joe Sam Shirah adds:

The AS/400 Toolbox for Java will also support SSL Connections, although there must be a specific match between Toolbox and OS/400 versions. In addition, the Connection must be made in a way specific to the Toolbox driver.