How do I let my page know when my applet is fully loaded?

Arif Amjad

This is a very interesting question. I was faced with the same problem a long time ago. The best way to do this would be to use javascript in your applet. Now, the question is how do I call javascript from my applet. Netscape has the mozilla project and the plugin SDK. You can download the SDK and use a class called JSObject. It is essentially a javascript object that you can use to call a javascript function, or even write your own javascript functions dynamically depending on the input from the applet.

What you could do is to setup a javascript variable in you page and have the applet update the variable using a javascript call to the JSObject's eval() method. So once, the applet is loaded, the variable update, and, maybe, some function is called and the page throws up an alert or something stating that the applet is loaded.

The package is called netscape.javascript and the URL you can download it from is: http://home.netscape.com/comprod/development_partners/plugin_api/