What is the J2ME?

Bill Day

The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) implements Java support for various consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, Internet screenphones, digital television settop boxes, automotive enterntainment and navigation systems, network switches, home automation components, etc.

The J2ME Platform consists of virtual machines and core APIs specified in "Configuration" documents, plus application- and market-specific "Profiles" (APIs and implementations) built to sit on top of an underlying Configuration.

Configurations and Profiles are proposed and developed under the Java Community Process. For more information on the J2ME Platform, please visit the J2ME Archive:

Details on J2ME Configuration and Profile specifications are available from Sun's site. For an index into these, please refer to the Spec section of the J2ME Archive.

Additional information is available from Sun's J2ME FAQ.