Where can I get a PalmOS ROM for the Palm OS Emulator?

Bill Day

If you have physical access to a Palm device and you have the Palm OS Emulator (POSE), you have everything you need. You can download and use the ROM image out of your own Palm device in POSE.

To use a ROM from your own Palm device, run 'Emulator.exe' from the POSE installation, then when you get to a window with choices of New, Open, Download, and Exit, select Download and follow the instructions. (You will need to install the "ROM Transfer.prc" application onto your Palm device before proceeding. This app is included with POSE.) This method will use its own conduit to download your Palm ROM into POSE.

Alternatively, you can request whichever version of PalmOS ROM you need from Palm Inc.'s developer site:

www.palmos.com/dev (go the the "Dev Seeding" area)

Palm takes some time to process your application, then contacts you with information on where to get the ROM. Note that the ROM image provided by Palm is a debug-enabled ROM, whereas the ROM loaded from a regular Palm device is not. Some POSE debug features will not be available if you do not use the debug ROM from Palm.