Where should I put resource files that are needed at runtime by servlets, JSP's, and/or EJB's that I want to run in the WTE in VAJ?

Richard Raszka

Resource files should be placed under the Project where the servlets, JavaBeans and EJB's are developed under. This is located in the directory x:IBMVJavaIdeproject_resourcesPROJECT_NAME where x: is the drive and PROJECT_NAME is the name of your project.

To access the resource files in the WTE environment select the com.ibm.servlet package in the IBM WebSphere Test Environment project. Right click on the mouse and select Run->Check ClassPath. Select SERunner and press OK. Then make sure the Project Path is ticked and press Edit to the right of the dialog box. Add your project and any other projects required for your application to run and press OK.

When you start the WebSphere Test Environment the projects including the classes and resource files located in the directory above will be included and used.

In a Team environment, these resource files could be located in a common directory on a LAN Server. A similiar process as described would be used to add a directory path (instead of a Project Path) for the location of the resource files.