Can I use Tomcat or JavaWebServer as a service on Windows NT or Windows 2000?

Kumar Allamraju

For Tomcat:

Download jk_nt_service.exe and follow the instructions in the document "NT-Service-howto.html" (on the Jakarta Web site and included in the Tomcat distros). Also see the minimalistic users guide, included with the Tomcat distribution.

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For JWS:

Near the end of the installation program you will be asked if you want to have the Java Web Server start automatically on system reboot. (That is, whether you want to install the Java Web Server as an NT Service).

If you click Yes: An entry will be added to the Control Panels -> Services and the JavaWebServer NT Service will be started up automatically every time you restart your system.

If you click No: No entry will be made in the Control Panel's Services panel.

If you change your mind later, the product documentation provides instructions for how to setup the web server to start automatically. For instructions, see the file: