Using multiple parsers in classpath.

Roseanne Zhang

What a mess? Many things are wrong here. Don't know what is for what.

  • Most of the jars listed here are not parsers.
  • "I have following parsers ( they are needed by dff applications, so cant get rid of any of them ) in my classpath." Wrong! You should set different classpaths for different applications. Not set all of them in the same environment variable.
  • Many class libraries you listed here are not binary compatible, put them all on your classpath is definitely disaster prone.
  • What you or your project team really need is a good architect.
  • I think I can help to straight things out. However, that cannot be solved by a post. That should be at least a paid online tutoring session, provided you and/or your company are interested.
  • Read here for some more information: Online tutoring, training by Roseanne Zhang